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>>/b/523814 >>523808 >>523808 >It was wedding night and I just told her that I have feelings for her. I was okay with not having sex. She wa
>>/b/523813 >>523808 Every AM chamar deserves it.fuckers are like "acchi ladki toh mil hi jayegi, 10 laude le rakhe hai toh kya? Sabka past
>>/b/523810 >>523796 >>523803 Yep all the cope in the comments that 'she was forced to marry you, wait to open up' when randis are gettin
>>/b/523809 Post her bra and panties pic too pyare anon
>>/b/523808 >>523796 For instance he asked like 10-20 times to that girl if she wants to marry him. If a foid wants to marry you, you don't
>>/b/523807 >>523768 No real vaginal orgasm happens in india
>>/b/523806 >>523804 Go back to tik tik
>>/b/523805 >>523751
>>/b/523804 >>523756
>>/b/523803 >>523796 >No I have no experience with women either, in fact she has lot's of guy friends from her job. If she doesn't like me t
>>/b/523802 >>523794 Share some more and also those pics with face removed/blurred
>>/b/523801 >>523776 Tujh jaise revolutionist 6 saal me AM karte firenge.
>>/b/523800 >>523794 Acha Also, your maa baap have no problem with her wearing revealing clothing?
>>/b/523799 >>523796 he thinks that women are not randis and liars ,he think her behavious is normal ,he has low t ,over for this faggot
>>/b/523798 Good job babu, when you stop cooming and make some female friends you get to comfortable approaching them, just remember to not
>>/b/523797 Ye le heendo, piano seekh aur mulsima pata. Good for beginners. Basic scales seekh le, basic cho
>>/b/523796 >>523787 Apparantly going by his reddit history he tried to but failed. Can't really blame him for falling for arranged betabux
>>/b/523795 >>523751 Jai shree ram b/hratas
>>/b/523794 >>523792 idk but she goes on lots of dates and posts her bumble's ss everywhere , she's 22